In times of cut – throat competition , changing behavior and needs of consumers , Q & Q can help uncover the customer’s dynamic mindset!


Telecom is one of the most dynamic service industries today. India has the second-largest telecom network with around ten telecom service providers competing with each other. With changing customer needs, the introduction of new services and fierce competition, it has become imperative that a Telecom Service Provider understands the market and its customers completely and maintain its quality standards. Consumer research is critical within this sector as it helps to understand service levels, evaluate marketing ideas, study product launches, and most of all, customer satisfaction, which is vital in this industry. Telecom is a competitive space, hence keeping ahead of the competition and evaluating customer needs is imperative.

We at Q&Q, help these service providers in monitoring their quality standards, review competition – how they are faring, suggestions on best practices followed across the service industry, checking customer’s pulse and understanding customer’s needs before the needs turn into disappointments leading to dissatisfaction.

This helps the service provider not only understand the consumer better but also helps in making their processes more efficient and customer friendly.

Our Expertise includes :

  • Quality monitoring at customer touchpoints including retail outlets, call centers, MBPs, Kiosks
  • VOC (Voice of Customer) Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Delight Measurement
  • Process Benchmarking
  • Brand Visibility and Market campaign tracking

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