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With today’s changing economy, it has become imperative for companies in the service industry to not only focus on the 3Ps (Price, Product, and Promotion) but also on maintaining a healthy customer relationship. A lot of effort goes into making the customer happy and keeping him satisfied with the services provided. With fierce competition in the industry and one company trying to outshine the other through the 3Ps, ‘service’ becomes the differentiator. The customer remembers a brand/company by the service he receives and the treatment he is given. Therefore, a company needs to keep a regular check on the service standards and upgrade the services as and when required. This is especially true in the retail service industry.

We, at Q&Q Research Insights Pvt. Ltd., conduct research in the retail sector to provide feedback on “Customer Relationship Management”. This includes measuring the service standards at the retail outlets, brand visibility, the effectiveness of brand promotion campaigns, etc. We work across industries which include – pharmacies, apparel, foot ware, grocery, perfume, electronics, and coffee shop chains.

Methodologies we use :

  • Retail Audits :-

    Retail audits enable clients to get information on the brand’s sales volume and value, sales trends, market size, stock levels, brand promotion by companies, etc., not only for their products but for competition as well. Retail audits can be conducted not only at the retailer’s but also may include an assessment at the wholesaler/distributor ‘s level.

    The actual visit is supported by GIS / GPS mapping through which the exact location of the store is mapped. This is very effective in planning the distribution network for any product.

    Retail audits also help clients get updates on the performance of sales representatives, frequency of their visit to retail outlets etc.

  • Service Quality monitoring:-

    Monitoring the quality of services provided at the retail outlet is an essential aspect of CRM. It not only helps to keep a check on quality compliance but also enables the client to understand the customer better. Service quality monitoring can be done through a mystery shopping exercise where the mystery shopper (auditor) visits a particular outlet as a regular profile customer. Special emphasis is given on the profile of the mystery shopper as that is the crux of mystery shopping.

  • Tracking Brand Promotion Campaign:-

    Once the company launches a promotional campaign, it is essential to see its efficacy in promoting the brand, customer’s reaction to it and whether it has been able to achieve the end goal. We conduct interviews with customers exiting, as well as visit retail outlets ourselves and check the status of the campaign. Upon completion of this, we monitor and evaluate events to come out with insights that help the client understand how well the promotional campaign has run.

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies:-

    Customer satisfaction studies are conducted to understand how the customer feels about a company and its services, his perceptions and expectations. We also carry out track studies for the same.

    This keeps our clients updated about the customer and his needs, wishes, and desires.

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