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Consumer Panels consist of studying the buying behavior of a prefixed set of consumers on a given criteria over a period. They are believed to be representative of the entire market. These consumers are contacted over a period to answer questions/ review/ give their opinions about various products and services that they use. Companies often set up panels of a large population and then use a subset to answer questions. Consumer panels are often a cost and time- saving approach, as the process of recruitment does not need to be done each time for a survey. Another clear advantage of a panel is that it is nonspecific, and consumers often can answer questions without any positive or negative bias towards any product or service.


Q Agripulse is a rural track project and is the brainchild of our founder Mr. Ashit Mallick. It started in 2017, and since then have gone through multiple evolution cycle. It is Q&Q’s flagship project, and one of its kind of an offering in the Agri Market Research space.
Q Agripulse, as of now is a robust panel of about 7500 Indian farmers, covering 3 major kharif crops viz, Rice, Cotton, and Chilli, spread across 12 agriculturally important states and 100 districts.

Other key highlights include :-

  • No post season data collection!! Q AgriPulse collects data throughout the season by
    visiting the farmers multiple times – ensuring high quality information (minimum 3 physical visits + 6 telephonic calls)
  • Over 27,000 farmer interviews in a season which ensures data resiliency and data
    becomes comparable over time.
  • Entire data collection by team of Field Executives who are agri graduates –
    Establishing quality information collection
  • Technology Support – Methodology being CAPI, farmers are geo tagged and strict
    fieldwork and data quality monitoring
  • Detail Trend Data Analysis – At Year-on-Year basis
  • Low dropout rates (17%) making the data robust

Methodologies we use :

  • Quantitative Face to Face Interviews with CAPI
  • Diary Writing