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Very often, branding and product effectiveness depend on the communication used by the brand to tell consumers its value proposition. This communication can be in various forms print, TV, radio or digital. Market research has an active role to play in ensuring brand messages are delivered with the most exceptional accuracy. Further research helps in understanding whether these messages provide the brand promise accurately. It is essential, however, to talk and test messaging amongst its right audience. Largely qualitative tools are used for measuring brand communication effectiveness. With changing communication modes, there are new innovative methods to test communication like brain wave mapping, eye tracking and facial coding. These methods help in understanding the excitement, engagement, activation and need to action felt by consumers upon seeing various stimulus. With brands becoming global, communication is now days often tested amongst larger audiences and on online platforms that help get consumers from various countries together, and bounce ideas off each other. Never the less, traditional communication testing is also done as per clients’ needs and requirements.

Q&Q helps clients develop, refine, optimize, and measure the impact of its communication pre and post brand launch. Value position testing helps brands understand the current need gaps in a category and accordingly tailor the brand’s core proposition and create brand communication. Once concepts are ready – Q&Q conducts extensive qualitative tests amongst relevant target groups to make sure optimum brand messaging is delivered.

Finally, post-launch measurement is conducted at various consumer catchment areas to understand brand recall, message recall, and purchase intention. We have significant experience in communication testing for multiple brands in the FMCG, Healthcare, Agrochemical, Advertising, and Automobile sector.

Quantitative methods are used to measure communication in the form of advertising. Typically, a pre-ad launch test is done to understand the brand’s position before the campaign launch, and this is compared to post ad launch insights. Q&Q, in the past few years, has tracked and measured several brand advertising campaigns and has a robust benchmarking system. This lets you know how you fare against the competition in the same category. Social Media listening is also done to understand the impact of the brand on social media platforms and what consumers are talking passively about the brand.

Methodologies we use :

  • Focus Group Discussion
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Common Location Tests

  • Home Usage Tests
  • Quantitative Face to Face Interviews
  • Social Media Listening
  • Stimulus testing using brand wave mapping, eye tracking and facial coding.