21 03, 2023

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in Agriculture.

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The new generation in India is contributing to the agriculture sector in a number of ways: Adoption of technology: Many young farmers are using technology to improve their farming practices, such as precision farming, using drones and satellite imagery, and

3 03, 2023

Q&Q – At the Forefront of the agriculture tech & innovation

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the Indian agriculture segment by increasing efficiency, productivity, and crop yields. Some ways AI is being integrated into Indian agriculture include: Crop and soil analysis: AI-powered tools can analyze data from satellites,

15 02, 2023

Q&Q Attends the IIEX APAC 2023 conference in Bangkok, Thailand organized by Greenbook.

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Our CEO and COO, Ms.Priyanka Mallick, and Dr.Mukta Sirohi recently attended the IIEX APAC 2023 conference in Bangkok. There were numerous inspiring talks, workshops, DIY events, and a showcase of the newest technology in Market Research. Some of the key

28 01, 2023

4 Reasons, why retailers are important for the agriculture sector and why you should include them in your market research

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Retailers traditionally have a key role to play in the agriculture sector. Apart from being the key point of purchase for agrochemicals, seeds and nutrition, they are also one of the most important influencers who can change the farmers’ minds

24 11, 2022

Conducting market research periodically is imperative for companies

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Considering the volatile era, where the thought process of people, their emotions, moods and the media keeps changing very fast, Priyanka shares her insights on how conducting research periodically is important and must for companies. Upon asking her on what

1 10, 2022

The power of the feminine – Q&Q acknowledging women in agriculture

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Navratri means nine nights. It starts with the new moon day, and the ninth day is Navami. These nine days are considered feminine, when the feminine energy i.e., devi energy is at its peak. We all worship Devi, bringing feminine

6 09, 2022

Real Estate isn’t Real, but the plantation is.

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We've seen what the so-called development has done to us. Everything seems to be within our reach and inexpensive, but even a billionaire can't buy healthy air quality. The metro cities are struggling with air, water and noise pollution. The

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