About Us

Q&Q Research Insights is an award winning boutique market research firm offering ad-hoc customized research and tracking studies to our clients. Our core business areas include Consumer Research, Agriculture, Healthcare, Automobile, and Retail Services.

Over the last 15 years, Q&Q has been a trusted and well-known partner recognized for ethical, quality-driven data collection and providing actionable insights. We have enabled our clients to capture interesting insights from end-users, place their products uniquely against the competition, get their product pricing right and later, have an in-depth understanding of the performance of their products. We thereby support the growth story of our client’s brands throughout the product life cycle.

We are the exclusive representative from India on the IRIS network, a network of 35 independent market research agencies from across the globe. This platform not only gives us the benefit of global coverage but also an opportunity to work together to develop and exchange knowledge on research methodologies and best practices.

Q&Q recently won the Golden Key Awards from Market Research Society of India (MRSI) in 2 categories: – Best Client Servicing Team of the Year 2020 and Special Covid-19 Award for the exemplary work we as team did and contributed to business during the peak lockdown months of the Covid-19 pandemic.


We are committed to being a premium provider of market research services in India and Asia across multiple customer segments.


long lasting relationship

         Long-Lasting Relationships      We create long-lasting relationships to part of your brand success story


                        Quality                        Quality is paramount to us

Agriculture market research companies

                Go The Extra Mile                 We step out of our comfort zone to find successful, meaningful solutions


           Leveraging Technology             We leverage technology by developing device agnostic surveys


             Collaboration             Collaborative approach with client to delivers actionable insights


          Real people Real Insights             We genuinely listen to the customers to get Real Insights