By Hemant Sawant, Suneha Pant & Megha Joshi

Executive Summary

Diverse opinions swirl around India’s healthcare system, encompassing positive views, excellence, crisis concerns, and perceived deterioration. Unlike countries grappling with healthcare crises, India’s status evokes pride with certain calls to action both at the same time.. Challenges trace back to ineffective management and funding insufficiencies, as highlighted by respondents. Government healthcare approval varies domestically and internationally. Amid challenges, confidence in healthcare’s global standing burgeons, fueled by unwavering faith in medical science. India’s transformative healthcare journey strives to tackle root causes, foster inclusivity, and deliver exceptional services, guided by unwavering optimism and determination for a healthier future.


As the nation aspires to enhance its healthcare system, addressing more than mere “access” becomes paramount for positive health outcomes. With India heading towards its journey of being a developed nation with 5th position in Global Economy, Medical Sciences and Pharmaceuticals play a vital role. With more healthcare facilities blooming even in remote locations of India, Indians have high trust on present Government by increasing the Health Care Index of our Country. However, educating and uplifting health standard of rural population by providing trained frontline workers is one major concern being dealt by Government currently.

Health Confidence Situation

Indian Health System: Are we halfway through?

India’s healthcare system is a complex landscape with both strengths and concerns. It’s recognized for its advanced facilities and skilled healthcare professionals, attracting global patients. The pharmaceutical industry’s reputation for affordable medicines and the use of telemedicine to assist those in remote areas are commendable. Government health programs, such as Ayushman Bharat and PM-JAY, funded through taxes, strive to improve healthcare access. Public opinion varies, with 55% viewing the system positively and 10% even deeming it excellent. However, significant challenges persist. Some rural areas lack access to quality healthcare facilities, frontline workers and high out-of-pocket expenses are a barrier. Unequal care quality and a shortage of healthcare workers are issues, compounded by a rising disease burden. Health insurance remains inaccessible to some. While India is actively addressing these concerns to enhance public health, few Indians lack trust in the system which is evident in the data below.

Graph 1: Global View 
Graph 2: Healthcare System in India: The direction     

Reference :- Selvaraj S, Karan K A, Srivastava S, Bhan N, & Mukhopadhyay I. India health system review. New Delhi: World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia; 2022

Is advanced Medical Science & Pharmaceutical Industry key to Healthy Nation?

Approximately 68% of those surveyed approved of their government’s healthcare efforts, underlining the complex landscape of healthcare opinions in India. Indians expressed satisfaction with the government’s efforts, particularly applauding initiatives like Ayushman Bharat aimed at expanding healthcare access, management of vaccination drive during Pandemic. However, others raised concerns, especially regarding the handling of the COVID-19 related issues such as oxygen shortages in hospitals and coordination during the crisis came under scrutiny. Notably, these findings underscore the ongoing importance of healthcare as a key issue for the Indian population, necessitating continuous attention and longing for improvement & betterment.

 Graph 3: Government Healthcare Handling is in the right direction?

Indians’ strong faith in medical science and pharmaceutical progress drives optimism fueled by India’s contributions to affordable COVID-19 vaccines like Covaxin and Covishield. Additionally, advances in artificial intelligence and telemedicine expand healthcare access, especially in rural areas. Breakthroughs in genome sequencing and personalized medicine offer more targeted and effective treatments.

Graph 4: Confidence of Indians vs Other Countrymen with Healthcare System of their countries.

Caring for more susceptible: Making stronger India

Amidst the challenges, India’s compassion shines through, with 63% of respondents believing that the nation takes good care of its vulnerable populations’ health, including providing healthcare facilities to rural population in subsidized rates, managing elderly population etc. This sense of responsibility and inclusivity is exemplified by government initiatives like the National Programme for Health Care of the Elderly (NPHCE), which addresses the unique healthcare needs of the elderly by providing geriatric care services. Additionally, programs like the Vayoshreshtha Samman, which recognizes the contributions of senior citizens, and various state-specific senior citizen welfare schemes underscore India’s commitment to ensuring that older individuals are not left behind in the pursuit of better health outcomes. Other Government initiative like National Health Mission (NHM) and (NRHM) that focus on improving healthcare access in remote areas and providing maternal and child health services. Also, schemes like the Ayushman Bharat – Health and Wellness Centers (HWCs) aim to transform rural primary healthcare by providing comprehensive services closer to people’s homes. Moreover, initiatives like the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) aim to improve rural healthcare infrastructure by ensuring consistent power supply to healthcare facilities. 

Graph 5: Initiative towards healthy India: What Indians have to say?

Going Forward: Indian Health Care System: A Transformational Journey

As India’s healthcare sector undergoes a transformative journey, the road ahead is marked by determination and collaboration. Beyond mere “access,” the nation seeks to establish a robust healthcare ecosystem that addresses the root causes of challenges, ensures inclusivity for vulnerable populations, and delivers world-class services. With optimism in its heart and the determination to heal, India strives to forge a healthier and more prosperous future for all its citizens.

About the Survey

In 2023, Q&Q Research Insights along with 26 corporate members of IRIS across Asia, Europe, America and North America did a tracking study focusing on the topics of economic confidence, climate change and health system. All fieldwork was undertaken online between February – June 2023. In total, over 18,000 people were surveyed. In India the study was conducted with a total of 500 respondents across the country.

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