Q&Q Research Insights wishes you Happy Mothers' Day - Agriculture Research Company in India, Market Research.

A mom loves you first, then forever! At Q&Q, we’ve always encouraged the multifaceted roles of a women and what could be more powerful role than a mother. Let’s hear to Real Mothers, Real Stories!

Mukta Sirohi Chief Operating Officer Q&Q Research Insights

Being a Mom and a working professional is certainly challenging, however, taking a step back in my career to fulfil my maternal responsibilities was never a choice.

I would like to tell all working mothers today that you are the most important person in your life and to never give up on your dreams for being a “Mom”.  In the long run, you actually become an in-home role model for your child who grows up seeing an independent woman who didn’t give up !

Motherhood has its own highs and lows which every mother goes through and so have I. Facing the lows would have been even more challenging if I didn’t have support of my organisation. Huge gratitude to Q & Q for all the encouragement, flexibility and support I have received in the last 9 years of my motherhood Journey.

megha joshi

Motherhood is a plethora of varied emotions – joy, love, pride, responsibility, protectiveness&fear

Becoming a “Mother” is suddenly gaining a plethora of varied emotions – joy, love, pride, responsibility, protectiveness, fear and if you are a working mother, guilt too. I never believed I would ever feel these emotions to this extent until the myth was broken nearly five and a half years back. 

This awesome journey could have easily turned into a nightmare had I not gotten support from all around me. While the family has always had my back enabling me to concentrate on my work, Q&Q has given me a lot of flexibility so that I can always put my child before work. 

The overwhelming support I have got at Q&Q has empowered me and motivated me to give my best not only as a mother rather as a professional too.

Cheers to everyone and a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers at Q&Q!!! 

We rock!! 

dipali nagaonkar

Embracing motherhood was nothing but a miracle for me…

Planning to have a baby to delivering a baby was a roller coaster ride, both physically and  emotionally. But my baby boy Vihaan made it worth a while.He is nothing but God’s biggest blessing to me.

On a professional front, by giving facility to work from home during entire pregnancy, reducing workload, Q&Q always supported me& the support continues…

agriculture market research companies in india

Mother is a heavenly word and motherhood is a journey of blessings. I am thankful to God that I have been experiencing this blissful journey since last 7 yrs. The way since then was not too smooth – had hassles in every step but a mother can make every impossible thing possible.

My daughter becomes my strength and makes me more responsible, and goal oriented in both my personal and professional life. I would also appreciate the support of my organization, my colleagues and most importantly my mentors who continuously guide me to balance my work and personal life and also enjoy both my motherhood and career together.


Happy Mother’s Day!!

Being a mother is really a gift of God and an awesome experience. Whatever the pain we bear at the time of giving birth, it vanishes the moment you see the innocent smile of your baby.

In this journey of motherhood, Q&Q has given me very good support. Initially I was a single mother and during that time traveling out of station, leaving my son at home, was somewhat challenging for me. The company supported me by ensuring that I am out in field during the daytime and am able to return back to home by night. 

When there was a medical emergency with my son, Q&Q gave me liberty to look after the child first and then work. I am grateful to Q&Q for all the help I have received in overcoming the challenges in taking care of my son and empowering me.

Q&Q is blessed to have such powerful mothers in the organisation and we appreciate their contribution. Wish you a Happy Mothers’ Day!