The new generation in India is contributing to the agriculture sector in a number of ways:

  • Adoption of technology: Many young farmers are using technology to improve their farming practices, such as precision farming, using drones and satellite imagery, and using mobile apps to access information on weather, pest management, market prices, market connections and government schemes.
  • Entrepreneurship: A growing number of young people are starting agri-businesses and startups, such as agri-tech companies, organic food companies, and farm-to-table businesses. This also includes starting speciality agriculture input shops or owning franchises of large agriculture-input companies.
  • Social media: Young farmers are using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to share their experiences and knowledge, connect with other farmers, and promote their products. The agricultural influencer market has boomed in the last few years, with several major farmer influencers in key states of India. They are emerging as a solid and trustworthy source of information and decision-making for farmers, especially the younger generation and we will see the dependence on traditional trade as influencers slowly go down.
  • Environment-friendly practices: Young farmers are adopting sustainable and environment-friendly practices like organic farming, agroforestry, and conservation agriculture. They are more conscious of soil health and its long-term impact on humanity.
  • Education and training: There are also many young people who are pursuing education and training in agriculture-related fields, such as agronomy, horticulture and agricultural engineering, which will help to improve the overall quality of the workforce in the sector.
  • Government policies: Government policies are also helping the new generation to participate in the agriculture sector by providing loans, subsidies, and other financial assistance to farmers, creating awareness and training programs and providing market linkages through e-NAM and other initiatives.

Overall, the new generation of farmers and agri-entrepreneurs in India is bringing new ideas, energy and technology to the sector, which is helping to make it more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

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