Q&Q Attends the IIEX APAC 2023 conference in Bangkok, Thailand organized by Greenbook. Market Research Insights Farming
Our CEO and COO, Ms.Priyanka Mallick, and Dr.Mukta Sirohi recently attended the IIEX APAC 2023 conference in Bangkok. There were numerous inspiring talks, workshops, DIY events, and a showcase of the newest technology in Market Research.

Some of the key learning we have –

  1. Building more meaningful research tools that engage consumers is important. Let’s humanize research for our respondents. Respondents are becoming rebellious to repetitive questioning, overuse of the Likert scale, meaningless and dated memory recall, and simply annoying questions.
  2. Increasing the use of gameplay and AI will prove more realistic thinking and mimic their real behavior.
  3. Importance of outsights – we often talk of crunching large data to generate insights. Let’s not forget that each number is a human, and it will always be imperative to go out and meet the consumer. Let’s bring outsights into insights.
    Real People, Real Insights. ™
  4. Research tech has been around for a while, but it is now getting increasingly scalable and easy to use in everyday research. The metaverse is a playground and is showing really good potential in replacing conventional stimulus testing.

Lastly, this year the IIEX APAC conference emphasized the need for more female senior management and leadership in the MR sector. Some shocking reveals and an awesome women panel inspired us to keep doing what we love despite the challenges faced. Here’s to a new era in the insights sector.