Navratri means nine nights. It starts with the new moon day, and the ninth day is Navami. These nine days are considered feminine, when the feminine energy i.e., devi energy is at its peak. We all worship Devi, bringing feminine energy into our homes, culture, and our daily practice. Women are defined as Shakti – The Power. She doesn’t need any empowerment initiatives or a scheme; she herself is ‘power’. She just needs acknowledgement and respect. During this navratri, we also celebrate Durga Pooja; which depicts good over evil and coincides with the harvest festival celebrating the goddess as the motherly power behind all of life and creation.

Q&Q Research Insights is blessed with this Shakti. It’s one of those rare market research companies in India where substantial number of employees are females including the entire management and board. We haven’t just brought our devis into our homes, but we have also got them in our workplace and into agriculture. They’ve been visiting India’s raw and remote corners to get real insights from real people, and that’s how they’re instrumental in connecting Indian Agriculture to the global platform.

The power of the feminine - Q&Q acknowledging women in agriculture 1

The men and women at Q&Q contribute to the objective of bringing agriculture Market Research to the forefront and work relentlessly exploring various methods to gather data from farmers, traders, millers and all related stakeholders. With 18 years of experience, Q&Q is led by the trio Ms Priyanka Mallick (Managing Director), Ms Mukta Sirohi (COO) and Ms Megha Joshi (Vice President) who along with a fabulous team of researchers and operations team work relentlessly in pursuit of excellence. We study the working, digital behavior, lifestyle and several aspects of the farming industry to portray a holistic picture of the agriculture segment enabling reputed brands to customize their products and services which can ease the life of farmers and elevate them.
Q&Q has been recognized by the Market Research Society of India with several awards.

We wish you a very happy Navratri and Durga Pooja! Let’s acknowledge and respect every woman – ‘The Shakti’ around us, and May the Goddess bless us all with positive energy.