We’ve seen what the so-called development has done to us. Everything seems to be within our reach and inexpensive, but even a billionaire can’t buy healthy air quality. The metro cities are struggling with air, water and noise pollution.

The Q&Q team has worked closely with the farmers and in the agriculture segment in rural areas and villages for decades now, and we understand one thing – a person who owns fertile land and is able to breathe clean air will be the wealthiest in the coming era.

Q&Q believes in giving back to Mother Earth and hence this august has been a go-green month for us. We’ve planted more than 200 saplings along with our teams in Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata. We have gifted plants to each other at our workplace to make it greener and pledged to nurture them and keep them around us so that it reminds us of our responsibility towards the environment.

Real Estate isn't Real, but the plantation is. Go Green. QandQ Research Insights


You can also plant just one sapling and take care of it till it becomes a real tree. That would be the most satisfactory thing you’d ever do. No one would thank you for this, but Mother Earth will.

We’re thankful to each team member who stepped forward and contributed to this initiative. This attitude makes Q&Q one of the best agriculture market research companies in India.