The Scope –

  • The client is a major FMCG manufacturer.
  • They wanted to reinvent their major tea brand in India. Hence understanding the changing behavior of consumers was critical.
  • Apart from reinventing the brand, the client wanted to understand in-depth how to make the next move in the tea category.
  • Health was being considered as a critical positioning platform for the brand.

The Methodology –

  • Focus Group Discussions with In-Shop visits to retail outlets evaluating tea brands (2 days) covering seven cities in West and North Markets of India.
  • Quantitative Face to face in-home Usage and Attitude Study in 22 towns covering retailers and consumers. A total sample of 3500 consumers and 450 retailers.

The Outcome –

  • The insights threw up the awareness of the brand, usage, and equity for major tea brands in India
  • Using the path to purchase and decision-making process (including frequency of tea purchase, influencers, reasons to believe, etc.) the client was able to understand how the category has progressed over the last few years.
  • Satisfaction and NPS of tea brands in India were uncovered with reasons thereof.
  • Brand image, expectations in terms of innovation, communication was studied.