The Scope –

  • Our client had a top-performing cough management brand; however, in the recent past, the brand developed some issues.
  • This led to the damaging of the brand name.
  • Hence the client wanted to understand the brand equity and further check for line extension with a new formulation that does not cause addiction.

The Methodology –

  • The methodologies used were, qualitative IDI’s with users of the brand (consumers)
  • Extensive quantitative brand management survey with ENT’s, Paediatricians, GP, CP, and chemists.

The Outcome –

  • The findings provided a detailed understanding of the addiction issue and critical markets for the same.
  • Detailed brand equity was carried out to understand the goodwill of the brand, which showed high awareness/ usage but poor NPS and ITP, which was characteristic of a declining brand.
  • Further line extension into – various formats, formulation, and flavor, was done. The client re-launched the brand in 6 months and re-established its position.