The Scope –

  • The client wanted to evaluate the best product pack concept amongst women in India who use Hair Oil sachets. (small SKU Users).
  • The client realized that using hair oil sachets lead to significant product wastage as the amount in 1 sachet was slightly more than 1-time usage.

The Methodology –

  • Total of 4 Focus Groups in Delhi streamed LIVE through Focus Vision to London
  • The team wanted to test product packaging and innovative delivery options amongst women who use cumbersome hair oil sachets
  • The product concept stimulus was shown as animations instead of a picture.
  • This helped women to realize how the product would be used and benefits over a regular sachet.
  • Consumers were selected on a random basis, based on brands they currently used, socio-economic class and usage of hair oil sachets.
  • The animated stimulus made it very easy for the consumers to realize the benefits, and the winner product delivery option was selected.

The Outcome –

  • Based on the insights generated in the research, the client was able to zero down to the best product delivery sachet as evaluated by the respondents.