The Scope –

  • The principal objective of this study was to precisely understand the whole journey a consumer goes through in various skin and hair related conditions.
  • They also wanted to know the role of influences including dermatologists, peers, beauticians in the decision making while treating these skin disorders.
  • Further home remedies as a separate category needed to be studied.

The Methodology –

  • Ethnography research with consumers (sufferers of the conditions).
  • In-depth interviews with influencers like chemists, dermatologists, and beauticians.
  • A detailed journey mapping was done through ‘day in the life’ /ethnography research method, amongst sufferers of conditions like Acne, Pigmentation, and Hair problems.

The Outcome –

  • Insights around the severity of the situation, first point of contact, treatment pathway – home remedies, chemists, and doctors were explored in detail.
  • The research threw light on the need gaps of sufferers at each stage of the condition and the impact of influencers of brand decision making.