The Scope –

  • The client, a well-known consumer healthcare company, wanted to create claims for one of the world’s largest electrolyte formulation.
  • Hence validation of these claims was required from qualified HCP’s.

The Methodology –

  • Quantitative Face to face interviews with 350 HCPs that consisted of GPs, Paediatricians, and Gynecologists.
  • A total of 8 claims were tested to get the agreement levels from HCPs.
  • Four claims were shortlisted and then taken to the Phase 2 which were Online In-depth interviews. 4 shortlisted claims were discussed in-depth, and a single most powerful claim for the product was developed from the rich insights provided by 350 HCPs
  • Further conditions like mild sickness, heat exhaustion, general fever, common cold, flu, dehydration, etc. were checked for each claim to propose the most accurate indicator for the claim.

The Outcome –

  • The insights from the research revealed the top claims that would be most suited to the product benefits.
  • The company would use these claims as a positioning platform for product promotions to HCP’s.