The Scope –

The client, a renowned global telecom player, engaged Q&Q to do their service quality audits at their retail touchpoints and call centers.
The scope included –

  • Visiting 800 retail stores of client across India and another 250 stores of top 3 competitions.
  • Each retail store was visited two times in the month.
  • Almost 10000 call centers audits/month out of which 40% were Mystery audits and the remaining 60% were the audits of recorded customer calls.

The Methodology –

  • The study was a monthly exercise done for more than nine years continuously.
  • Service monitoring was done through mystery shopping at retail stores and call centers.

Measurement of service quality –
A well-defined audit sheet was used to measure the service scores.

  • Quality parameters for Call centers – included – call etiquette, call compliance, query resolution, CRM tagging.
  • Quality parameters for retail stores included – store infrastructure, soft skills, Query resolution, grooming of the representatives, CRM tagging, etc.

The Quality audits as a part of the process included – red alerts wherein any gross deviation from the process was highlighted to the client on an immediate basis within 24 hours.

The Outcome –

  • The overall audit process generated a monthly ranking of all the telecom circles for retail and call centers quality.
  • The client was able to critically evaluate the health of all their retail stores each month and make improvements continuously.
  • The overall score of each store significantly improved over the years.
  • Q&Q conducted these audits at the all India level for eight years.
  • The client also linked the bonus payouts of all retail employees to the store audit scores.