Q&Q Research Insights Pvt. Ltd is a full-service market research firm dedicated to providing clear insights to complex business questions. As your business strives to grow and succeed in today’s marketplace, it is vital that your research partner: possesses industry knowledge & research expertise, thinks strategically, and embraces sound core values. We have a deep understanding of your industry and the unique challenges you face. This industry knowledge is an integral part of the Q&Q deliverable and increases the depth of insight we deliver.

Complete End to End Solutions

end to endFrom research design, data collection, and data processing to analysis and reporting. Our research solutions provide actionable results with solid recommendations.

Pan India Presence

pan_indiaOur PAN INDIA Presence and Field Band Width allows us to carry out research anywhere in India with minimum lead time.

Qualified Research Team

Qualified teamWe boast of over 50 years of cumulative Research Experience and mandatory involvement of Senior Research Team in every project to that your research gets all the attention it deserves irrespective of its cost. With our highly trained and experienced project managers you can be confident that your project will run smoothly and be completed on time and within budget.

Portfolio straddling across segments

ServicesWe offer services in more than 15 verticals / sub verticals straddling across areas of Consumer Research, Social Research, Mystery Shopping, GIS/GPS services, and Implementation Services for Socially Relevant Segments. We specialize in: marketing effectiveness, price optimization, customer satisfaction & loyalty, product development & assessment, brand assessment & management and market positioning research.

Innovative Solutions

software innovation nWe offer complete range of innovative and trusted quantitative and qualitative research solutions –

  • Cloud Computing
  • Dashboards
  • Business Object based reporting
  • Use of Info Graphics in Data Presentation
  • Online Surveys

Collaborative Approach

approachFull consultation with clients during all phases of research planning and execution and also maintaining complete transparency in all we do. We consult with you throughout the project to understand your objectives and we proactively monitor and manage your project -identifying potential issues early and offering practical solutions.

Robust Field Planning

business-planOur innovative and robust Field Planning and Handling Methods include –

  • Preparing Detailed Field Plans for all projects
  • Disseminating Progress trackers for all projects to clients
  • Rigorous Monitoring & Control of Field Work Activity by senior field managers
  • Maintaining Rigorous Process of Recruitment of TG
  • Managing and Vendor empanelment

Competitive Pricing

pricingHarnessing our in house talent pool and presence across India we deliver quality results at aggressive budgets and timelines

Pragmatic and Bespoke

pragmaticWe believe that research is a tool to further business needs of our clients; we believe it is important to be pragmatic as well as technically correct. Further, we don’t believe in ‘black box’ approaches. We tailor our designs and models to meet the specific needs of individual clients. Serving your research needs is our top priority. We are committed to providing the highest quality services to suit your needs, timeline and budget. We offer you flexible solutions to cost-effectively fulfil your research goals and consistently exceed expectations.

Clear Direction

clear-directionAs for research reports? No more bookends here. One of the things that set Q&Q apart from the competition is our ability to distil mountains of data into easy-to-understand, expressive deliverables that shine light on your best course of action. Our domestic and international clients tell us time and again that they keep their research reports close at hand and refer to them often when making strategic business decisions.