Telecom Research

Telecom is one of the most dynamic service industries today. India has the second largest telecom network with around 10 telecom services providers competing with each other. With changing customer needs, introduction of new services and fierce competition, it has become imperative that a Telecom Service Provider understand the market and its customers completely and maintain its quality standards.
We at Q&Q, help these service providers in monitoring their quality standards, review competition – how they are faring, suggestions on best practices followed across the service industry, checking customer’s pulse and understanding customer’s needs before the needs turn into disappointments leading to dissatisfaction.

This helps the service provider not only understanding the consumer better but also making their processes more efficient and customer friendly.

1.Quality monitoring at customer touch points-
These studies involve contacting customer touch points and doing a health check. The touch points include retail outlets, call centre, MBOs, Drop boxes, corporate kiosks etc. These studies give an idea on quality of interaction happening with the customer, adherence of SOP by the front-enders and identifying the loopholes with an ultimate aim of enhancing a customer’s experience. The most popular method for monitoring quality is through Mystery audits where in the auditor contacts the touch point as a customer with a general customer query. He interacts with the front ender and observes his mannerism, efficiency, quality of information given and adherence to the Company norms. In retail outlets he also observes the general ambience of the outlet to check whether it matches Company’s laid down rules.

2. Understanding Voice of Customer-
Looking at the highly competitive telecom space, the service providers always struggle to improve their customer base by acquiring new customers and by retaining the old ones. To be ahead of its competitors, the service providers are now looking at having a devoted customer rather than a merely satisfied one. This devotion comes from delighted customers who had a great service experience with their service provider. Hence to get a devoted customer, it is important that the service provider must understand what exactly the customer thinks about him and understand his needs, so that the customer turns into a devoted one. Through voice of customer studies we map the customer’s pain areas with the service providers and then reach out to the customers to understand what caused this pain. The reasons are then taken back to the service provider and a whole strategy is planned on how to mitigate that pain.
The study involves face to face interviews with the customers at their home / work place etc to understand their pain and what they want from the service provider to enhance their experience.

3. Studies on Customer satisfaction and Customer Delight Index-
Customer Satisfaction studies give an idea on how satisfied the customers are from their service provider. These studies are conducted to understand how the customer feels about his service provider, his perceptions and expectations with an ultimate aim of getting a customer delight index. The studies also give a Net promoter score which is a reflection of actually how many customers are the promoters of the brand – who would actually contribute in enhancing the customer base. The C-Sat studies are conducted by face to face interviews among the customers. These studies can be conducted among the customers exiting the Company retail outlet or at customer’s home. The customers are selected randomly and the questionnaire is canvassed. Later analysis is done to get a NPS along with other feedback like customer views on current service standards, areas of improvement, brand USP etc.

4. Process benchmarking-
In Telecom, each service provider has defined process to operate. These processes are designed keeping in mind the type of customer, location and infrastructure availability. Hence the processes vary from circle to circle and one service provider to other. Though the processes are designed keeping in mind a customer but there may be certain loopholes which lead to customer dissatisfaction. The processes vary from one service provider to other hence there may be case where one service provider carries out a process in a more customer friendly way. This leads to a need of process benchmarking among the circles of a service provider or among the different service providers to identify and implement best practices.
We carry out process benchmarking studies by studying in detail the processes followed during entire customer life cycle – from on-boarding till churn.

5. Brand visibility Studies-
The entire telecom industry is heavily dependent on the Multi-branded outlets for its sale. The service providers compete with each other in capturing as much space as they can in the MBO to improve their visibility inside the store. Though the marketing teams take care of their branding at these outlets, it is important to understand that despite their efforts – is the brand really visible in the MBO.
We carry out studies at these MBOs to understand service provider’s visibility in terms of presence of posters/banners/danglers and other POS material.

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