Social Research

Social Research is one of the most challenging and satisfying arena of research that requires in-depth understanding about the actions and reactions of humans through observational and experimental methods. It involves several ethical and legal issues and is tougher to handle, especially so, as the clients concerned are not corporate, but non-profit organizations with an obviously stringent budget.

We, at Q&Q Research Insights, take pride in having a wide and intensive experience in conducting social research ranging from large-scale mapping exercises and documentation studies to qualitative research often involving high-risk population groups. We also offer consultancy services to various development sector organizations/NGOs.

Types of studies we are equipped to take up –

Socio-demographic surveys: Q&Q is equipped with well-qualified social and demographic researchers and a well-trained field staff spread across different states of the country. Q&Q personnel have a pooled experience of carrying out large-scale  national and International studies funded by MoHFW, CDC Foundation, WHO, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Mac Arthur Foundation, Packard foundation, Inst. of Community Health Connecticut, Jt. UN Organizations, NACO and other reputed Govt. bodies and NGOs.

Reproductive & Sexual Health Studies: Q&Q has in its anvil a large body of Reproductive and sexual health studies done in the past eight years. Our work involved collection of data from community members, gatekeepers and health care providers. Our organization has the expertise and experience required to collect information on PLWHA, lives of people closely associated with the PLHWA like family members, treatment-seeking behavior, rehabilitation measures and efforts made for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Risk Behavior Assessment Studies: We have extensive experience in engaging our team among HIV/AIDS high-risk groups like truckers, migrant population, sex workers, males frequenting red-light areas etc. gathering sensitive information often under extremely hostile conditions. Q&Q has done detailed documentation of a lot of projects funded by Avert Society, HLFPPT, etc.

Mapping and Sentinel Studies: Our personnel’s have enormous experience in conducting mapping exercises of sample sizes 20,000 and more spanning across India. We have a pan-India presence with 6 research offices and 15 field offices with around 250 field personnel across India, enabling us to undertake large-scale sentinel surveys for communities.

Formative Research: Our in-house experts in social research domain make us a highly dependable partner for conducting all kinds of community studies including close-knit qualitative research studies. Q&Q is even capable in conducting ethnographic research studies wherein a researcher needs to spend sufficient time in the community living as one of the members.

Behavioural Studies: We have recently handled a couple of behavioural studies for major international sanitary napkin manufacturing company involving a good chunk of qualitative research and hand on experience in conducting Focus Group Discussions and In-depth Interviews.

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