“Quality” is synonymous with Q&Q, every employee of Q&Q strives hard to maintain Quality and achieve credible results and 100% actionable for the client. Being a relatively a younger agency our biggest weapon to fight against the industry giants is our adherence to high levels of quality. With the acquisition of ISO 9001 in progress, we continue to deliver to our client the highest levels of quality in all our work –

Quality Control – Quantitative


Quality Control – Qualitative
Guidelines we follow include –

1. Completed screener questionnaires are sent from field work manager and his recruiter team to project associates for checking with the in-house Excel database, so that repetitions, wrong profiles can be identified promptly, and then sent to QC team allocated to the project to check validity of other information as per criteria.

2. We only allow a maximum of 2 respondents from 1 recruiter in each group, thus a minimum of 4 recruiters from 4 different locations in the city are used for 1 FGD.

3. Respondents are checked by supervisors once they arrive at the group session.

  • Screener questionnaire
  • ID card – PAN, Driving License, Passport etc – to identify name and age.
  • Probing conversation to identify any false claim

4. Q&Q Maintains an in house database of respondent photographs which is updated regularly to avoid any recycling of respondents and avoid false claims.

5. All our recruiters are in house and not freelancing with any other agency.