IRIS (International Research InstituteS) Network.

Q&Q joins IRIS as its exclusive partner in India

IRIS is a partnership of independently owned market research companies from 35 different countries across the world, covering four continents. Its membership is by invitation and recommendation from an existing member only. Membership is limited to those who pass stringent quality standards and have outstanding international research experience. Q&Q was included in this network on Apr 2017 during the bi-annual IRIS conference at Krakow, Poland.

With this advancement, Q&Q now the has capacity and bandwidth to undertake research in multiple countries. The list  includes –
Americas – USA, Canada, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Panama
Europe – UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Romania, France, Ukraine, Switzerland
Asia, Africa and Australia – China, Egypt, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia