Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

For decision makers working in the healthcare industry, the rapidly changing environment in which decisions must be made is a constant source of pressure. Q&Q Pharma Research Cell can help you make decisions with confidence. Our experienced healthcare marketing research professionals leverage high-level research, planning, and analytical skills as well as vast experience and knowledge of the healthcare market to help you make the optimal decision at every phase of the product lifecycle.

Q & Q Research Insights has been working with the world class Pharmaceutical organizations in meeting their market research needs. With a well-qualified team of Biochemists, Biotechnologists, Microbiologists,
B.Pharm’s, PhD’s and MBA’s we can boast of authentic, knowledgeable and actionable analysis to your research needs – whether it is launching a new drug in the market, studying the user drug purchasing habits or understanding Doctors views on particular brand or product. We are capable of proposing projects required at each stage of a product’s lifecycle: from development to launch, and on to its maturity.

Types of Research Conducted –
1. Brand Related Studies – including tracking, equity check, concept checks – This can help you find the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve your brand identity among consumers. We carry out qualitative assessments using Focus Group Discussions, In-depth Interviews, Dyads, Triads etc to understand the perception, likeability, recall and impact of your Marketing and Advertising strategy.

2. Market Share Analysis – In order to obtain a holistic view of your product v/s the competition, we can study the market response to your product and sale trends over a period of time. This data is then compared against the competition in order to predict an accurate market share of your product.

3. Comprehensive Doctor and Chemist Surveys – Studying the prescription habits of medical practitioners /physicians as part of pharmaceutical research can shed light into why physicians tend to refer to a particular drug(s) for a particular ailment(s). Data can also be obtained for a huge sample of physicians over a vast geographic area.

4. Market Penetration Studies – This involves studying market penetration of a product (awareness, adoption, usage, etc) and understanding prescription patterns, evaluation of promotional activities, re-positioning of the product etc.

5. Understanding the OTC space – In the OTC space, we cover entire range of activities including launch of new OTC drugs – their media impact, positioning and acceptability. Pre and Post Ad tests of OTC products and feasibility of Rx to OTC conversion.

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