Mission Statement & Preamble

Welcome to Q&Q Research Insights Pvt. Ltd. – A premium and niche marketing and social research organization which has the capability of undertaking dedicated research for clients with personalized efforts in getting meaningful customer insights.

Our Mission
To maximise the value of products, services, and brands by providing relevant and actionable solutions through leveraging of innovative concepts and insights
Q&Q Research Insights was conceived and founded as a specialized niche player in the research arena – with a very broad canvass not restricted by products, services, brands, methodologies, techniques, etc. To use the software lingo – it aimed to be an “open sourced” research company – where we learn from each other’s experiences and demands.

Having quite a few in-house specialists in the arena of agriculture, retailing, social, developmental and consumer research – Q&Q Research Insights has been set up to provide special emphasis on Quality Tracking and Continuous Monitoring Studies for Retailing and Services Sector, Studies on Agriculture and Rural Developments, Studies on Understanding of Social and Behavioral Patterns, Impacts Assessment Studies and conducting Brand and Brand Equity Research – through innovative but simple methods – and dejargonising the entire arena of marketing research.
Being a young agency – we set out to make a difference in our approach to problems, client handling and providing research insights – which actually answers the various questions the clients have – through methods which could be anything – Quantitative or Qualitative. Methods are a means to an end and not the end in itself. This has been our guiding principals and hence we have innovated on our research methodologies – with one aim in mind – the client gets his answers. Since the last eight years – We have been able to put together a large set of competent researchers – supported by a panel of experts in various fields. All QQRI researchers are unique as all are highly qualified with a all of them being post graduates and doctorates in their specialized fields. This has been augmented by a very competent and experienced set of Research Analysts field executives covering all the major happening centers in India.