We at Q&Q Research Insights – have been involved in E Governance Studies along with GIS / GPS Studies and Land Mapping Studies for the last few years and have developed a certain level of expertise in the same.  We have had an early advantage of being a young Market Research entrant into this domain with several new and innovative ideas.  We have been able to carry out quite a few projects involving Tracking, Monitoring and Enumeration activities with 3600 coverage.

With technology advancements every day, we also have kept ourselves updated on the latest tools and techniques used in the area of E-Governance research. Some of the techniques we use extensively are –

  1. Mapping through GIS /GPS
  2. GIS-based land mapping
  3. AutoCAD based Services
  4. Mobile-based tracker systems
  5. Online Information update in Real Time
  1. Cadastral Mapping and Spatial Adjustment
  2. Collection and Digitization of data bases
  3. Ground Water Mapping
  4. Land Use and Land Cover Classification
  5. Flood Plain Zoning and HFL Demarcation

Apart from these, online solutions like Cloud computing, Dashboard solutions, On-line surveys and Query-based software are also used wherever required.

Some Recent Projects handled

UID Enumeration – We are currently carrying our UID  enumeration for towns like Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Sangli through NSDL. For Team Life Corporation

GIS-based Baseline Survey under APDARP –for Jodhpur Discom through HCL/ RMSI –This study involved enumeration of all Households in 17 major cities in Rajasthan. It involved survey among 22 lakhs households

GIS based road mapping for Reliance Infocom under Rajiv Gandhi Gram Sadak Yojana – The study was conducted in four districts of Maharashtra – Amravati, Sindhudurg, Aurangabad and Nasik. It involved developing roads on Auto-cad and then on the R GIS software.

GIS – Land Based Updation for Reliance Infocom – This survey was carried out in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhopal, Indore for Reliance Infocom. We enumerated more than 200,000 properties in Delhi, 80,000 properties in Lucknow/Kanpur, around 50,000 properties in Ahmedabad/Rajkot and about 60,000 properties in Indore/Bhopal The specific activities also included Social indexing, mapping, networking etc.

Land Parcel mapping – Casdastral Map digitization being executed for Department of Revenue Govt of Uttar Pradesh. We have carried out this work along with our partner agency – GEO VISION Infotech Pvt Limited.

Integrated Watershed development plan – carried out the same in district of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh for the Department of Irrigation, Govt of UP.  We have carried out this work along with our partner agency – GEO VISION Infotech Pvt Limited.

Disaster management Plan – identification of Flood Hazard Zones and HFL delineation in district of Surendaranagar (Gujarat). We have carried out this work along with our partner agency – GEO VISION Infotech Pvt Limited.

Enumeration and Registration – (online as well as bio-metric) of labor population in Mumbai and Thane zone being carried out for Department of Labor, Government of Maharashtra.

GIS study – for gas pipe line network for Gujarat Gas Corporation Limited –About 105,000 residential properties in Surat, Gujarat were covered under this survey.


    This includes census for Properties, Buildings Survey, Industrial Shop Census, Tree Census for Municipal Corporations, Census of Parks and Playgrounds etc.


    The approaches of integrated watershed studies have gaining momentum because it evolves multiple problems solution environment within watersheds. Its observed that natural processes are interlinked together and need comprehensive approach for the solution


    Remote sensing and GIS techniques aid greatly in natural resources management and sustainable use of natural resources. Some of the applications which we work on are -

    1. Vegetation mapping with emphasis on Bio-diversity, biomass, Species Diversity
    2. Drainage Patterns on the area
    3. Soil Mapping
    4. Catchment Area treatment
    5. Corridor mapping
    6. Sea Level rising and salination problems

    Using the latest available technology – we offer both data acquisitions and production solutions  like

    1. Aerial Triangulation
    2. Ortho Photography and Mosaic Generation
    3. Digital Terrain Model(DTM) and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) techniques
    4. 2D and 3D planimetric feature extraction
    5. Topographic Mapping
    6. Cadastral Mapping
    7. Land Use Mapping
    8. Geodetic and control surveys 

    We have a vast experience and technical capability of advanced GIS application in ground water level assessment, contouring, fluctuation and rise and fall assessment using 2D and 3D data model

    1. Ground Water Contour
    2. Topographic Contour
    3. Ground Water Fluctuation Assessment
    4. Rise-fall Delineation of 10 Years
    5. Ground Water Quality map such as TDS, pH

    Our research team is capable to provide consultancy services and prepare hazard map using remote sensing, GIS and surveying instruments. We have successfully completed some projects on the Flood prone zone delineation, HFL Modelling, Landslide Susceptibility mapping etc.


    We are an emerging supplier of geodetic data (Digital Maps) for wireless application planning and design. We provide digital maps for any location, in any required resolution and format. Our map data sets can be used for

    1. Fixed wireless network design
    2. Mobile wireless network design
    3. Macro cell network designs (GSM, CDMA)
    4. Micro cell network designs (WLL)

    We provide a variety of surveying services, including topographic surveys, road and drainage line, and providing finished floor elevation certificates for real estate closings. We have been contracted by engineering, architectural and residential design firms to provide surveying services for the development of both residential and commercial properties. These are includes:

    1. GPS/ DGPS Survey
    2. Auto Level Survey
    3. Electronic Total Station Survey
    4. Customer Indexing 

    We carry out enumerations services along with biometric solutions for ADHAAR based UID activities and for Labour enumeration for the Maharashtra Government. Some similar services are

    1.   UID  Enumeration Activity for Department of Posts
    2.   UID Enumerations Activity through Booths
    3.   UID enumeration through NSDL
    4.   Labour Enumerations for Maharashtra Govt.
    5.   Rajiv Gandhi Sarva Siksha Abhiyan – enumerations
    6.  Enumerations for Rajeev Gandhi Grameen Sadak Yojana 

    We are capable of carrying out  Digitization Work for Various Government and Semi Governmental  organizations. Some of the work involve

    1.    Designing, Printing, Supply, Scanning and Processing work
    2.    Scanning and Digitization
    3.    Data Entry and Processing  
    4.    Property and  Retail Census Operations