In a rapidly changing market scenario of FMCG products, Q&Q Research Insights Pvt. Ltd provides complete 360 degree services to the clients right from the need-gap identification to segmentation, market size estimation, brand equity measurement, pre and post concept-testing and post-launch feedback.
Our qualified team of researchers have the in-depth knowledge and category experience to understand client requirements and accordingly offer them customised research solutions. Depending upon the research objectives and clients need, we offer various quantitative or qualitative or hybrid research methodologies. We help you understand market trends and make business decisions to maintain a competitive edge.
Our core strength remains in delivering quality and insightful results in quick turnaround time.

We have conducted following types of the studies for our FMCG clientele in the past –
1. Home usage Test
2. Satisfaction measurement studies
3. Consumer Conversion and Churn Analysis
4. Usage and Attitude Studies
5. Brand Equity Measurement
a. Defining brand strategy
b. Identifying category dynamics,
c. Brand positioning
6. Concept and Ad Testing – Pre and Post
7. Segmentation Studies

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Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Case Study 4