Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Engagement is the state of emotional and intellectual commitment to the organization. The 3 pillars of engagement involve –
Promote – Where the employee turns into a promoter of the organization and consistently speaks positive about the organization to co-workers, employees and clients.
Persistence – Where the employee is so engaged with the organization, that his persistence levels are high and is willing to invest his time and future in the organization and be part of its growth.
Productive – Work harder to be productive and achieve/enhance business results.
Q&Q provides a complete employee survey solution that enables you to measure employee engagement and strategic alignment within your organization. Over the last one year Q&Q has gained immense experience in conducting such survey through web based channels. Our technical team is capable of designing online surveys with quick turnaround time. These are cost effective and more powerful research tools in today’s time. Such surveys help the clients to reach to their large number of employees in one go. All the employees are sent web link through email. The data is saved on the secured web space while they attempt the survey. The Survey is programmed such a way that none of the employees can save the survey without attempting all mandatory questions. Pop up window redirects them to un-attempted questions before saving.
Advantages of our web based platforms for Employee Engagement Surveys–
• Hosted on the secured web space
• Our survey frame work provides options of having various dichotomous questions, multiple-choice questions, scales, both Single-response and multiple-response questions and even open-ended questions.
• All the employees receive emails at the same time through email blaster
• We provide one on line link for the client to track the progress of the survey on daily basis – this helps them to internally push the employees to attempt it within the set timelines.
• Ease of follow ups – reminder emails are sent to the employees those who have not attempted the survey
• After the survey is over, we deliver the raw data to the client within one day.
• Employees can attempt the survey at a time convenient to them.
• Cost effective method to reach out to a large base
Reporting of Results –
Post conducting the Web based surveys, we provide full insights on the engagement and satisfaction levels in the following ways –
1. Data Cross Tabs for different demographics, zones, divisions, functions, locations etc
2. Analyze and model data
3. Gauge overall level of engagement
4. Understanding Key engagement levers
5. Interactions between levers
6. Benchmark survey results with industry standards