Q&Q’s data processing and analysis team is responsible for the quality and format in which data is delivered. Our dedicated team of data analysts work independently of the data collection process to ensure clean, validated data, and can supply summarized top lines, listings, interim data files and full tabulations as per client requirements.

We provide data management services including customized cross-tabulations, including statistical significance testing and analysis. Advanced software’s and systems, rigorous quality assurance processes and experienced professional tabulation programmers help us to provide accurate cross tabs.  Reports can be tailored to your requirements and can include any combination of graphics, tables, charts, cross-tabulations and data-driven text.


    We use various software’s to produce cross-tabs and their summaries, including -

    Cross-tabs may include:

    • Descriptive statistics (Mean, median, standard error, standard deviation, mode)
    • Data weighting
    • Averages, Rankings/Ratings
    • Statistical Testing (T-Test, , Z-Test, Chi-square, ANOVA/MANOVA)
    • Top-line reports
    • Confidence Intervals

    Results and tabulations can be provided in the following formats:

    • Detailed tabular format in Word, Excel, PDF
    • Charts or graphs in either Word, PowerPoint, or PDF
    • Ready to use formats in your corporate colour scheme

    Cleaned Data files also can be provided in following formats:

    • ASCII
    • Excel
    • SPSS
    • SAS

    Quality Assurance

    Q&Q Research Insights Tabulation Programmers use a strict multi-step check list when creating the cross-tabulations. The data map is thoroughly checked and each programmer’s logic is double-checked by a second programmer and then final tables are checked by the project manager. Points under QA include –

    1. Double Logic check
    2. Correct base sizes and total rows
    3. Correct banner labelling and specification logic
    4. Table specifications and Inconsistent Data

    In addition to cross tabulation, Q&Q is also equipped to carry our various statistical analysis including -

    • Correlation analysis
    • Cluster analysis
    • Factor analysis
    • Multiple regression
    • Discrete modelling, choice modelling
    • Market segmentation
    • MCA

    With our query based insights software, OASIS (Organic Analytical Software for Integrated Solutions), you’ll have the power to choose and pick data in the format you want to see. Don’t be limited by what an agency wants to show you – now you have the scope to see the entire data at all levels of analysis breaks including – geography, specifics, TG, Age, User-ship, Gender and many more.


    1. Functionality:- OASIS dashboards offer all of the standard functionality you would expect including hovers, drill-down, sorting and conditional formatting as well as being able to display a vast array of different chart types.

    2. Customised Views:- OASIS dashboards allow the user to create customised dashboard views. Using a simple drag ‘n’ drop facility they can pick the chart objects they are most interested in and then move them around the screen. That way they can focus on their key figures without clutter.

    3. Integration:- OASIS dashboards are compatible with any existing web technology and fit seamlessly into various platforms since they form part of EXCEL presentations. So there is no need to install additional software’s or even use the internet while using our software.

    4. Import and Export:- OASIS dashboards accept data in simple excel format, hence can seamlessly handle large quantities of data. The data behind the dashboard can be exported directly to an EXCEL file for further manipulation.

    5. Data transparency:- Since all data is loaded behind the software, there is complete transparency of information. The user is free to choose any data he/she wants to see. There is no data which is now hidden and everything is easily available for further analysis at the user end.


    Get real-time data access from the minute your study is live. Our online reporting environment is easy to use and customizable. It enables immediate review of the status of field work as they come in. Our comprehensive online reporting includes a Real Time Fieldwork Tracker – As the interviews are completed in field and Questionnaires get entered in our system, we give you access to download the questionnaire from our online cloud and access information. This also includes completion rates, timing and detailed quota group counts.

    The online cloud is tailor made for each research project and the users are provided with individual login ids and passwords. The viewer ship can be restrictive, thus allowing a ‘need to know’ only view of the project status, if required by the client. The online reporting system also has features like user comment area – where the user can highlight any outliers/concerns on the tracker/data. These concerns are directed our inbox automatically and looked into by us for a quick revert.