India’s consumer market today is driven by a young population having enough disposal incomes and easy finance options available to them. The consumer market has been growing rapidly and throwing up confounding figures throughout the last decade. Marketing and selling a product in such a dynamic environment requires appreciation of the market through continuous feedback from the buyers. At Q&Q Research Insights Pvt Ltd., we understand this and hence work together with you to understand your business environment and marketing requirements, seeking solutions to meet the needs of the local markets.

Q & Q Research Insights Pvt Ltd has been working with leading FMCG, Manufacturing, Automotive, Media, Telecom etc. companies in meeting their market research needs since its inception. Our hands-on experience in various quantitative and qualitative research methodologies enables us to understand the specific requirements of our clients and provide innovative and reliable solutions within a set timeframe.

With a team of well qualified individuals, we can boast of authentic, knowledgeable and actionable analysis to your research needs – whether it is launching a product or service in the market, studying consumer purchasing behaviour or understanding their perception on particular brand.

Types of research that we are equipped to handle are –

  1. Usage and Attitude Studies
  2. Market Segmentation
  3. Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  4. Concept/Product Testing Studies
  5. Consumer Profiling Studies
  1. Media usage behavior
  2. Brand Equity and Monitoring studies
  3. Pre and Post launch evaluation
  4. Ad Testing – Story board, Concept, Pre/Post, DAR etc

    QQRI offers customized research using quantitative research methodology to its domestic and international clients through its offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Lucknow. Our quantitative research solution offerings include multi-mode data collection methodologies such as CATI, Online Data Collection, and Large Scale Face to face interviews among others.

    Our interviewers undergo extensive project specific training session including mock interview sessions as per project requirements to ensure high quality output within defined timeline.

    Our research team aims at resolving specific client problems at each stage of a product lifecycle: from development to launch, and on to its maturity

    Apart from end to end, we also provide standalone quantitative research services such as: creation of recruitment screeners and questionnaires, respondent recruitment for CLTs, Survey audits, secondary research, data processing &analysis with report writing.


    Qualitative Research techniques help exploring consumer perceptions of brands, products and services by digging into subconscious beliefs and attitudes that drive customer behaviour. It is also useful for assessing consumer reaction to new products, product or marketing concepts, packaging design, advertising copy etc.

    Q&Q Research Insights’ offerings in this area include:

    •       Focus Group Discussions
    •       In-Depth Interviews
    •       Dyads
    •       Triads
    •       Consumer Home Visits
    •       Ethnographies

    Apart from end to end activities, we provide standalone qualitative research services such as: creation of recruitment screeners and discussion guides, respondent recruitment for FGDs & IDIs, custom reporting in word and PPT format and secondary research services.

    The qualitative research services offered by Q&Q Research Insights are delivered using skilled and experienced industry professionals who help the client in effectively gathering information based on in-depth understanding of human behaviour as well as the specific reasons that govern human behaviour.


    Home Usage Test (HUT) techniques help to evaluate the characteristics of the products in natural – In-Home settings. It is assumed that consumers will behave more naturally in their own homes than a testing environment, thus will use the products and provide feedback thereof that will be more accurate and actual.

    Q & Q has gained immense experience in conducting placement and home usage test studies over last few years in the areas of various FMCG products including Baby Diaper, Sanitary napkins, Tea, Shampoo etc

    We have a dedicated team of female investigators who have specifically been trained for such work.  We make sure that every respondent is visited on daily basis during the home usage test to ensure that they fill up the feedback on the product on daily basis with diligence. 

    Post trial reactions are collected mostly through face to face interviews however if the client requires quick turnaround, we collect feedback over telephone. This is in most cases followed up with qualitative feedback including In-Depth interviews and FGDs to understand the reasons behind the answers given to us during feedback sharing while using the product. 


    Ethnography - the study of human behavior in their natural or native environments where they live, work and shop can be used as a stand-alone technique or can be used in conjunction with other qualitative and quantitative marketing research techniques. It helps uncover consumer’s usage pattern of various products, their attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values, as well as the hidden social and cultural patterns that ultimately shape human behaviour.

    Q & Q has well trained researchers and moderators with social research and anthropology background and are highly experienced establishing rapports with people and to mould themselves in to diverse environments and cultures. We have been conducting such research for various FMCG and Agri based companies regularly over the last few years.


    The ability to reach outside of ourselves and walk in someone else’s shoes, to get where they’re coming from, to feel what they feel…

    The main objective of VOC is to determine:-

    1. What will customers pay a premium for?
    2. How do you remain steps ahead of changing markets and technologies?
    3. How do you differentiate products and services from your competitors’?

    VOC is a process within consumer research which is carried out for the client where we reach out to the customers who have approached them for any complaint / query and benchmark against competition. In-home, face to face interviews are carried out for a pre-determined sample of customers using a semi-structured quantitative questionnaire.

    Two research methods are used to capture customer voice

    a) Open Ended – Helps to capture customer voice in the form of verbatim

    b) KANO Model - Helps in classification of the customer needs in a more objective manner.

    A PPT based report of the finding is then presented to the client, which gives process insights and highlights best practices of competition.