Consumer Durables

The consumer durable industry in the last few years has become an extremely competitive sector and is making the retail environment particularly challenging. Consumers continually engage in purchase and consumption of durables according to their own disposable income challenges. Retailers and manufacturers are caught between the need to provide value while trying to gain market share, keep their brands relevant and innovate rapidly in a fast growing market.

Q&Q Research Insights Pvt Ltd has been working in the consumer durable sector for several years – helping manufacturers and retailers increase profitability by understanding consumer purchase motivations/drivers, seeking product attributes that are valued by consumers, identifying usage need gaps, helping to refine the mix and size of product lines and optimizing their product portfolios.

We bring to the table, unprecedented experience in carrying out consumer research with durable companies long established in the India, as well as the new entrants. We listen to your business objectives and apply quantitative and qualitative research solutions to create a 360° understanding of your issues with consumers, shoppers, brands, categories and retailers. Then, we deliver deep market analysis and recommendations to drive confident business decisions for your brands.

Types of Research Conducted –
1. Brand Related Studies – including tracking, equity check, concept checks – We can help you find the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve your brand identity among consumers. We carry out qualitative assessments using Focus Group Discussions, In-depth Interviews, Dyads, Triads etc to understand the perception, likeability, recall and impact of your Marketing and Advertising strategy.

2. Understanding Path to Purchase – Increasingly shopping behaviour is being seen from the holistic perspective of the entire shopping experience. The experiential view of shopping takes a far more holistic approach to the consumption process, right from involvement to post purchase usage. The decision making process and value perceptions could vary depending on individual shopping orientations, the cultural orientations as well as the economic and competitive environment in which the consumer shops. Hence understanding the Path to Purchase becomes important, especially in a consumer durable segment since it is a very well thought out, moderated and rationale process unlike in the FMCG category. Q&Q conducts specialized path to purchase surveys using qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gauge the need realization, awareness, evaluation, consideration and finally the buying process.

3. Consumer Panel – Q&Q Consumer panels make use of consumers who are pre –fixed based on given criteria. Information on their buying behaviour across the product categories is gathered through multiple visits to the same consumer in the panel throughout the duration of project. It is a continuous sample of randomly selected households, representative of the population of the Market covered. These panels run over a period of time to gain a broad overview of purchasing habits.
The panel provides insights around product design and development, marketing, and branding decisions, in addition to helping determine media strategies, and overall policy.

4. Retail Audit – Retail audits in the consumer durable segment mainly caters to understanding the width of distribution by observing the retailer stocking pattern of the client brand vis-a-vis competition, depth of distribution by understanding no. of units stocked of client brand vis-a-vis other brands in the same category, brand & unit wise sale and finally understanding the reasons behind stocking and promoting a particular brand within an organized or unorganized market setting.

5. Market Share Analysis – In order to obtain a holistic view of your product v/s the competition, we can study the market response to your product and sale trends over a period of time. This data is then compared against the competition in order to predict an accurate market share of your product.

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