Agriculture and Animal Health

Agriculture Research has been one of the core areas of strength and interest for team Q & Q. Having many domain experts on board since beginning, Q & Q has been able to make a mark as a stalwart in Agriculture Research .With a well qualified team of Agriculture postgraduates and doctorates – we can boast of authentic, knowledgeable and actionable analysis to your research needs .

Q & Q Research Insights Pvt Ltd provides market research services in the area of agriculture, agribusiness, animal healthcare and allied sectors. Over the years we have gained immense experience in this area of work. We are committed to complement our clients through meaningful and insightful information which the client can utilize efficiently and confidently in their decision making. We partner with leading Agri input majors in the country for their products straddling across the value chain.

Types of studies –

  • Market size estimation of agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and seeds
  • Dealer penetration and Satisfaction studies
  • Evaluation of Specific Agri Marketing Concepts
  • Usage and Attitude Studies
  • Branding and Brand Equity Studies
  • Brand Usage Tracking across the entire season
  • Farmer Panel Studies
  • Pesticide Usage Estimation Studies
  • Farmer Profiling Studies
  • Post Launch Evaluation
  • Value chain analysis of various crops
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