Q&Q Research Insights is committed to being a premium provider of market research services and a national leader with quantitative and qualitative DNA and client oriented solutions.

Our Corporate Identity is characterized by identification and enthusiasm for what we do. This is what unites us and our staff around the nation: we are market researchers by passion. We are there for you and your projects – anywhere in India -that is what you can rely on.

We will find the right solution for your research needs, with regards to methods and content, and use innovative and out of the box solutions, techniques and technologies. Thus, we provide you with valid results and marketable findings – in this you can trust either.

All this leads to our claim:


Client Relationship


As a privately held entity, we are independent in our activities, not obliged to growth and not dependent on stock prices. Client relationships are more important to us than optimization of profit. Nevertheless we are big enough to serve our clients nationally. For that we take a personal interest in every client and their project.



We have integrity and behave this way, and will decline projects when we feel that we don’t have the necessary resources or expertise to add value. We will let you know when we feel that the procedures are unsuitable or that the time and effort are exaggerated to accomplish the research goal. Partnership is more important to us, than a singular project sold.

Knowledge Management


True knowledge and expertise is shared. No person knows everything, in equal measure, about all areas and topics. What is important are the networking and exchange of knowledge. We bundle our National and Global competences and offer this know-how to our clients in all markets. In this we are supported by internal innovative platforms quickly which are developed and successfully used since years.



Innovation is not for its own sake. New processes and techniques must create benefits, deliver supplementary insights or be able to simplify life. And they must, above all, work reliably. That’s why innovation is for us has always top priority. We are always on the look out to innovate in all we do – even in the most mundane activities – so that it adds value in our offerings to clients.

Staff and Qualification


We depend on our fellow employees for our livelihood. Agriculturists, Sociologists, Engineers, Marketing Alumni, Biotechnologists, Pharmacy and Medicine Specialists,  Economists, and other disciplines build up our multi-disciplinary teams with the necessary “broader perspective”. To find the “right” and suitable colleagues is elementary for a successful market research company. We ask for enthusiasm for own actions, as well as passionate commitment for market research and the client’s project. To accomplish this, we offer a trustful working environment at eye level, one´s own authority and freedom in line with the duties and responsibilities. This results in low fluctuation, which leads to stability and continuity in client relationship.